Superfax PF-440 Paper Folding Machine

Superfax PF-440 Folding Machine_Brochure

The Superfax PF-440 Paper Folding Machine is an ideal, heavy-duty table-top folding machine. It can fold all sizes up to A3, has a total counter and batch counter; and folds up to 9000 sheets per hour!

The Superfax PF-440 Paper Folding Machine is a high quality, heavy duty system, that is capable of handling printshop volumes. Therefore it is an ideal machine for every-day high volumes of paper folding. It also has a capacity of 400 sheets and can fold up to 9000 sheets per hour! In addition, it is capable of folding all paper sizes, up to and including A3 size. Therefore, it is the perfect machine for offices and mailrooms!

  • Safety cover and interlock switch that prevents access to running fold rollers
  • Diagnostic display to detect nature and the whereabouts of errors
  • Accurate fold position setting by new position-defining system
  • Accurate paper feeding by 3 paper feed rollers
  • Virtually maintenance free by adoption of removable fold rollers when they need cleaning or replacement
  • Error detect, jam detect, paper out detect
  • Fold types: Single, Letter, Zig-zag, Double-parallel, Fold-out, Gate and Crossfold
  • Paper folder accepts all paper sizes up to A3
  • Fold types 1/2, Z, letter and double fold
  • Folds up to 9000 sheets per hour
  • 4 Digit batch counter

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